VitaPure Iline Shower & Water Filter SUF-200P wth PureMax

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VitaPure Inline Shower & Water Filter SUF-200P
Top Quality ACF Inline Filter for Showering & Purifying Drinking Water


• Remove Rust, Impurity, Bacteria, Heavy Metals and Chlorine.
• Super Quality by Compact Sized Multi Layers Filter combined with
  ACF and Sediment(10 times)
• Free from the contamination of the bacterium and dust by the antibiotic
  system works(Anti-bacterial Sediment Block Filter)
• The life span maximized with the Ultra-Graded Density
• Safety without 5 critical heavy metal
• None of the lint by using the filtration spun-bonded
• Filter life is up to 1,500 gallons(5,000 litters)

VitaPure® Inline Filter System for

-Sensitive and Feeble Baby Skin
-Atopic Baby Skin
-Preventing Hair Loss
-Keeping Women’s Beautiful Health Skin
-Preventing from Skin Disease of Senior Person
-Health Skin of Pets

5 Steps with Organic & Biotic Filtering System

Step 1.  Packing Impurity
             Filtering sand, impurities, large particles
Step 2.  FIR Ceramic Ball
             Generates water softened by water molecular & Cluster
Step 3.  Sediment Filter
              First stage to remove Rust & Impurity
Step 4.  ACF Filter
              Removes Heavy Metal, Bacteria, Phenol, THM etc.


The filter will accumulate foreign matters or pollutants from water. This is a natural to filter out impurities so there might be contamination on the filter surface. However, even if it looks clean by the naked eye, it must be replaced after six months.
If the water pressure drops significantly, even though it is invisible to the eye, the contaminants are accumulated in the filter. Therefore you will need to replace the filter. And when the colors change severely, it is necessary to change it to use clean water.

RUST; Damages on Hair & Skin Cause of Hair Loss & Atopic Disease

Heavy Metal; Chronic Fatigue, Headache, Cause of Hair Loss & Cancer
Chlorine & Chloramine; Atopic Skin, Hair Loss Chronic Skin Disease
For natural beauty care

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