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The kinds of Filter Purifier Softner General Showerhead VAIO shower
Basic function Removal gem, contaminated water Softening (change the soft water) Only shower Chlorine removal Water saving Anion (Negative ion) Skin moisture
Chlorine removal X X
Efficiency in hot waterl Bad Not bad Good Excellent
Water pressure Drop Drop No change No change


The kinds of Filter Carbon Calcium Sulfate (CaSo3) KDF VAIO
Basic function Chlorine removal Chlorine removal Chlorine removal Chlorine removal Anion
Reduce Ratio(%) < 50% < 50% < 80% 100%
Method of removal Absorption Absorption oxidation oxidation
Reaction rate Slow Slow Fast Instant
Efficiency in hot water Bad Not bad Good Excellent
Ph - - - Weak acid
Water pressure Drop Drop Drop No change



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